Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RMT: Pirates! Special Bonus Feature- Pirate Movie Night!

Random Magic Tour
Pirate Movie Night
The world of Random Magic is vivid and painted in bold and brilliant colors,
and the Nine Muses actually paint 
with the colors of life, itself.
A lot of people have commented that Random Magic unfolds
visually, like a movie, and that it would make a great movie. And Random Magic 
Tour: Pirates! is all about pirates.
So, the special bonus feature on the tour today is -- pirate movie
night! Grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and pick your drama: Either
a feature film about the return of Long John Silver, that infamous
character who originated in the novel Treasure Island, or a
marathon of the first season of The Buccaneers.
The Buccaneers can currently only be viewed in the U.S.,
Canada, and selected other regions, so Return to Treasure
Island is provided for international viewers, so that everyone has
a chance to enjoy pirate movie night.
Oh, and for a pirate quote from Random Magic? Sure, here’s a quick one:
Random Magic quote of the piratey persuasion:
 "'Aye! Use yer deadlights, mates,’
yelled Hammer Jack, ‘the captain’s naught but a scurvy tar -- let's
send 'im to Jack Ketch! Take the ship!’
‘Crk!’ said the parrot."
And here’s a quick run of pre-feature trailers! A book trailer for
Random Magic and a short, pirate and odd international film --
that’s for the people who love indie, quirky, international and art
films, Random Magic author Sasha Soren enjoys unusual, cool projects.
Random Magic video short
Shown above: Book trailer, Random Magic
Find Random Magic: Amazon  | Kindle 

Shown above: Short film, Pirate Girl vs. Evil Toys
The film is in Swedish only, with no subtitles, but you won’t need
subtitles to know what’s going on, as it’s a quirky, stop-motion
action short.

Shown above: Start marathon, The Buccaneers (Season One), The
adventures of Captain Dan Tempest (Robert
This episode: Captain Woodes Rogers arrives with an official pardon,
from King George, for all pirates. Most of the pirates accept the
King’s offer, but Blackbeard and his gang resist, make a getaway, and
scheme to have Rogers’ own ship attack the island.
All episodes
Viewing license and info: Rightsholder approval, includes advertising,
free, available to viewers in selected regions. Recommendation:
Viewers in U.S., Canada, U.K., some other regions.
Shown above: Feature film, Return to Treasure Island
About: Captain Long John Silver heads back to Treasure Island to see
if he can dig up a buried treasure.
Viewing license and info: Public domain film, available to viewers in
most regions. Recommendation: International viewers.
Get an audio book version of Treasure Island: Listen or
For international fans of animation, a second feature has also been
provided below:
Shown above: Series episode, Yolanda, Daughter of the Black Corsair
About: Spanish cartoon series dubbed into English. Based on the
adventure novels, originally in Italian, by Emilio Salgari.
Viewing license and info: Rightsholder approval (BRB), free, advertising.
International viewers. You might also enjoy reading about more pirate
queens during the RMT tour!
Finally, for people who enjoy some of the cool indie show selections
on YouTube, here’s a video discussion about pirates, from this very
Shown above: Documentary or YouTube reality series - Book Lover-BookChicks 
discusses real-life pirates.
Viewing license and info: Rightsholder approval, YouTube show, host is
LexieVamp666, pirates episode
specifically for Random Magic Tour: Pirates!
If you’d like to find more cool piratey things, feel free to join us
on the tour, there’s a lot going on --
features about pirate grub, gear and eats, music and games, a great
art series, an interesting series on pirate queens, lots of prizes and
a fun treasure hunt.
Set sail with us! Browse the tour schedule.
Here's another interesting tour feature you might also enjoy: Find
some pirate plunder, with Little Pirate Prizes, these aren't marked on
the schedule and they're not part of the hunt, but they’re out there
for visitors to find and they could be ANYWHERE! Find some Little
Pirate Prizes.

Have fun and good luck!


  1. Now I need to go to the library and find me some pirate movies.

  2. I am not big on pirate movies,but Yolanda, Daughter of the Black Corsair caught my attention!


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