Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Dress Like a Pirate and The Sea Hawk

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Reading about Captain Jack, the pirate king, was quite a treat! He's definitely what I think of when I think pirate. Here's what he looks like:

"The king of sea thieves was decked out in eye patch, peg leg, curly black hair, and big floppy hat with a floofy ostrich feather, as if he'd stepped out of a coloring book about pirates." (p. 216)
Imagine him to look a bit like this:

 Well, maybe a bit fatter and dirtier and maybe with a floofier hat:
Dressing like a pirate is fun anytime of the year!!!!
Here's what me hubby and I like to dress as:
 Here's some fun pirate fashion for the ladies!
This is a great one with pants, sexy but not porny 
Here's for the wee lasses:
Here are some pirate accessories to go with any ensemble:
Skull Bag
Fancy necklace and earrings.
Kiera's sword.
For the buccaneers:
Cartoon getup is sooo in season!
Three classics!
When all else fails go for an awesome pirate bandana, me hearties! 
They will never fail you in a pinch. 
Drink up me hearties, yo ho! 
Random Magic Tour: Pirates!
Bonus: Free audio book: The Sea Hawk 

As part of Random Magic Tour: Pirates!, it’d be fun to
swap some great pirate yarns - or just listen to a few great tales
about the sweet trade, the black flag, pirate queens or the Brethren of the Coast.
On this blog, you can listen to the audio book The Sea Hawk, by
Rafael Sabatini. Here’s a description of this novel about vengeance,
adventure, and the brethren of the Barbary coast:
From Wikipedia: The Sea Hawk is a novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally
published in 1915. The story is set in the late 16th century, and
concerns a Cornish sea-faring gentleman, Sir Oliver Tressilian, who is
villainously betrayed by a jealous brother. After being forced to
serve as a slave on a Spanish galley, Sir Oliver is liberated by
Barbary pirates. He joins the pirates under the name ‘Sakr-el-Bahr,’
the hawk of the sea, and swears vengeance against his brother.
If you enjoy the stories, you can download a free MP3 version of this
classic book:
Listen to or download audio book (MP3 format)The Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini.
Courtesy of LibriVox.


  1. Love that sword necklace. I need to go shopping now XD

  2. Yes that would be fun! :) Loving the outfits.

  3. Kiera's sword would be a fabulous addition to my treasure chest!

  4. Oo la la! Is that Renee Zellweger?
    Great outfits!<3

  5. LOVE that pic of you and your husband :)
    I was in Gymboree a few weeks ago and a little boy was in there with his parents looking for anything pirate and he would not settle for anything less! He was disappointed that they couldn't find anything for him, LOL.

  6. Awesome feature! :) I love all the different options! Totally love your own picture of pirate costumes!

    Gosh, looking at the final picture of PotC makes me want to watch it all over again! I love Elizabeth's outfit!

  7. Loved the accessories:) Great post!


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