Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New in Town & The Third Mummy

New In Town, Grade: B
This was a cute romantic-comedy. I'm not a big fan of Harry Connick Jr. as an actor, but he actually did really well and had some decent chemistry with Rene Zellweger. The movie takes place in Minnesota, the accent and all! Very funny! It's not one I'll buy, but it was worth seeing once.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Grade: C+
The first t
wo "Mummy" movies were so much better, acting, story, action. It was pretty disappointing that Rachel Weisz decided not to do this movie, but if she took one look at the script....maybe that's why she didn't want to get involved. I thought there would be more action with Jet Li in the movie, but no. Most of his stuff was CGIed. I'll just stick to the first two and call it good!


  1. Hey thanks for the review on New in Town. Hadn't heard of it, so I added it to my Netflix. Always looking for something good to watch.

  2. I really enjoyed New In Town. It took me half the movie to get over the ridiculous accent (I'm from Minnesota) and the slightly offensive insinuations of how Minnesotans are (with their scrap booking etc). But after I got over all of that - I could not stop laughing.

    Not even going to see the third Mummy - like you, I'll stick with the first two.


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