Monday, June 1, 2009

Movie Reviews: Valkyrie and Mall Cop

I never really wanted to see Valkyrie: B+, I mean, we all know how it ends; they failed. So we never saw it in the theaters, but once it came out for rental I picked it up. It wasn't the best movie ever made, but it was still decently made and the story was definitely worth telling. Sad movies are sad, but they need to be told and we need to remember. I know there are many more stories like this from World War II that should be told as well. It's a good idea to take one time a year to watch movies like this...Shcindler's List, Life is Beautiful...any movie that helps you remember, so we don't ever forget what was done, so we don't repeat it again. Watch Valkyrie and remember.

Now, onto a not as serious note...Paul Blart: Mall Cop: B. Once again, not the best or smartest comedy ever made or Kevin James's best. But it was actually a pretty cute, family-friendly comedy. It's worth at least one viewing.

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