Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sit Down and Write Writeathon

I've never been a big writer but I do enjoy when I do it. I'm not great but hey that's what practice is for. Michelle is hosting a writeathon starting today June 15-July 15 over at her blog Stories Inside.

My goal is to write about 750 words a day or 3 pages. I have no specific goal in what that writing will be but it'll either be book reviews, journal entries, or maybe even the start of a story. We shall see. The goal is just to write and see what happens.


  1. Good luck! I did NANO in November and it made me laugh out loud when people asked when they could read it. It was for practice, people! Have fun with it :)

  2. I am a terrible host and a terrible writer...commitment wise. Ugh. I'm thinking of extending SDaW through the end of July. Things just never work out the way I plan. Ugh again! lol

    I hope you meet your goal. Thanks for joining me. :-)


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