Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Into Horror Read-a-thon Wrapup

I had to change my book from NOS4A2 by Joe Hill (682 pages was way too ambitious to finish in two weeks!) to The Delphi Room by Melia McClure.

It was a fast and creepy ride. After Velvet dies by suicide she wakes up in a room where where she has childhood sheets on her bed and a large mirror. Sometimes she sees the Shadow Man who has haunted her since she was a little girl. But then she hears someone next door Brinkley. They share letters through the grate between their rooms and in their mirrors they see mini movies of each other's lives when they were alive. They must discover what it all means.

A fun and enjoyable story. I recommend it to all.


  1. I'm running behind on wrap-up visits, but here I am and I wanted to thank you again for participating. I'm working on the giveaway now so keep an eye on your email inbox (and spam folder, just in case).

    I'll have to keep The Delphi Room in mind. It does sound great! Looking forward to your thoughts on NOS4A2 when you get around to reading it. I also need to read it. I didn't realize the title stands for Nosferatu. That really sparked my interest.

  2. I just finished a 624 pager and it took 3 weeks and I was even sneaking time to read it. Life moves to fast these days!


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