Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Break April 2017

April was tough. Lots of sickness floated our way and I think it's because of the changing weather. Utah has had lots of rain, snow, wind, and sleet this last month. We did get to do Spring Break with G out of school that week. And we headed down to Moab, Canyonlands, and Escalante in southern Utah to get some awesome hikes in and see our beautiful Earth.

We live in a gorgeous state with so much beauty and nature around. I loved Canyonlands. Gorgeous layers and colors. G enjoyed the Moab Giants outdoor dinosaur museum. DH and I loved the hikes despite the exhaustion. The petrified forest was also an amazing hike.

Books Finished: March: Book One by John Lewis, Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods by Tania Del Rio, Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, and Kindred by Octavia Butler.

Currently Reading: Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask): The Secrets to Surviving Your Child's Sexual Development from Birth to the Teens by Justin Richardson and Mark A. Schuster, The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman, and Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.

Listening To: Podcasts. "You Must Remember This" by Karina Longworth is so amazing. I just listened to her 6-part series on Joan Crawford. It's a must if you love old Hollywood and history or if you just love a good story.

Watching: I am loving Dear White People, the new series on Netflix. Funny and insightful. Also Netflix put out a new Mystery Science Theater 3000. So funny. I also saw HBO's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and found it OK but not nearly as interesting or compelling as the book, unfortunately.

Looking Forward To: I'll tell you what I'm not looking forward to. DH is headed out of country for the month of May and it'll be tough not having him here. But I've got book club Friday and I have scary movie nights every Tuesday.

Making: I'm really going to try a lot harder this week to cook more at home. Stir fry and kabobs are on the menu along with some beef stew since it's been pretty chilly around here.

My Week in Pictures: Here are some pictures from our fun spring break vacation!

2017-04-02 16.18.52
2017-04-02 14.17.25
2017-04-02 13.11.53
2017-04-02 18.40.35-2
2017-04-02 14.40.38 HDR

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  1. I can't even think about hubby being out of town for a month! Good luck to you. Your family pics are always so much fun :)


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