Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Weeks Left

Two weeks. Less, actually. That's all my family and I have left before we head back home to the States. I've said goodbye to three other friends that I met out here. One is home for the summer and I'll be gone before she gets back and the other two are back home for good, just a few weeks before me.

I've kind of been a mess. You meet some great people and you have some amazing experiences and then they're gone and you're gone and it's all over. It'll never be the same again. How precious each day is and the memories we accumulate with the ones we love.

So it's bittersweet. As it should be. The first six months were pretty rough but I got out of my box and met some great friends and did and saw and experienced some amazing things. Gabe had a great experience at school. He learned so much. It was all-day kindergarten so he really jumped in. He can read and write so much better...well, read period. He met some great friends. And he got an international experience. One we'd only hope to be able to let him experience again. Nowhere else at home will he be able to meet such a diverse group of kids.

Great food. Beautiful and exquisite nature. Japan will be missed. So without further adieu, I'll just share some photos of our travels and experiences this last week or so.

2015-06-22 07.31.58
The ladies I'm going to miss :(

2015-06-23 08.04.58-1
Gabe's last day of school :(

2015-06-23 12.25.08-1
Blue tailed skink
2015-06-27 23.11.58
Gorgeous sunset I encountered

I may have a few more posts up before I leave. But who knows. Lots of cleaning and getting rid of stuff this week. Then next week they pack us up and we run around in a hotel and getting deregistered at residents, turn in car, hand over apartment keys, etc. Then we fly back to the States. So if I have time, I'll try and get in one or two. But it's been sparse for a bit and it will probably be sparse until I can get back into my end of August when Gabe heads back to school.


  1. Wow! the time flew. Thanks for sharing the overseas experience.

  2. So happy that it turned out exactly as you had hoped it would when you first knew it would happen!

  3. Not sure why I'm just reading this since it was from forever ago. I like how you talked about the fleeting periods where it seems like we are in the perfect place with the exact right people to make it a time that will stay with us forever. What a great experience!

    1. Thanks for commenting! It was great and am glad to have had it! :)


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