Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gabe's 5th Birthday! Minecraft Style!

Gabe demanded a Minecraft-themed birthday party for his big 5! I'm not a super crafty person so I had no idea how to go about it but thanks to Pinterest and a super crafty husband, we managed to make it happen!

2014-02-08 13.30.23.edit

Like I said, not the greatest in crafting skills, but the creeper cake was done with love ;)

2014-02-08 13.30.03
Creeper Juice!

2014-02-08 13.29.39
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The crafting table! Complete with sticks, slime balls, gold, fish, tnt, and potion of healing!

Happy 5, Gabe!

2014-02-08 13.31.32
Minecraft spider!

2014-02-08 14.53.26.edit
He had so much fun with his friends!


  1. Looks like great fun was had by all! Good job, Mom and Dad!

  2. Love it! That cake looks yummy to me!


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