Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (2)

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Beautiful up there!

I snapped this one with the help of an Instagram filter while up in my local mountains last weekend. It's just beautiful up there and love every minute I can get away and hike!


  1. It looks very picturesque, and very peaceful. My Snapshot is at

  2. Looks like a beautiful place - I love to hike, too :)

    I announced my summer reading challenge today - it's very low-key - you only need to read at least one book over 400 pages this summer to participate. It was a lot of fun last year - check it out!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend -


    Big Book Summer Challenge

  3. Gorgeous setting. Jealous of your hikes. Here's Mine

  4. Is it the effect of the filter or did a bushfire go through that area a couple of years ago?

  5. What a lovely photo, I should walk through the bush more often- I don't do it nearly often enough. I walk a lot, but just need to make that little bit extra effort. I really enjoy it when I do.

  6. Looks like a beautiful place to hike!

  7. How lovely!

    Thanks so much for taking part in Saturday Snapshot!

  8. Love this - the path just speaks of possibilities to me.


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