Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Forward in 2013

Last year was a bit lackluster for me on the blogging and reading front. I had new projects I wanted to try and do....Well, I don't know how well that all turned out. But I always try to read a bit more from the already-own books and I didn't do too well on that goal. So once again my goal is to read a bit more from my own pile. I have two book clubs one for strictly non-fiction books and the other one it just depends on who's picking for the month. So I'll probably have to buy a few more this year to keep up with the book clubs but overall I just want to stick with what I've got. I've found a lot of great classics finds at second-hand stores, so I want to get to a few more classics. I also want to get to a few re-reads. Little Women and Gone With the Wind have been on my mind lately.

For blogging purposes, I'd like to include books I read with my son (so a pic or two with him a month), some more short movie reviews, maybe some TV posts, and I may even get back to the 'things-I-liked/loved' posts for the week.

Nice day for a farm visit.