Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As a special tribute to the new "Star Trek" movie I thought I would talk a little bit about that wonderful language Klingon! Even though I hear that none is actually spoken in the new film...oh well!

Klingon was first introduced in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," which James Doohan- who played Scotty- came up with a few lines of dialogue. Two movies later for "Star Trek III" they hired Marc Okrand to come up with more lines of dialogue for Klingon.

Marc Okrand, who is a linguist, used the lines created by James Doohan to build the rest of the Klingon language. He has written a dictionary which includes full grammar and pronunciation of Klingon. There is even an institute called the Klingon Language Institute for the promotion and support of Klingon! Shakespeare's "Hamlet" has even been translated into Klingon!

Languages are fascinating no matter what, but made up languages are just as fascinating! For more on Klingon read this article "There's No Klingon Word For Hello" by Akira Okrent.Or you can look it up on Wikipedia
yIn nI' DaSIQjaj 'ej bIchepjaj -- Live long and prosper!

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