Monday, August 19, 2013

Mansfield Park Read-A-Long--Getting to Know You Questions

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1. Was Mansfield Park the first Austen book you read?

No. That is probably a good thing, too.

2. Is this the first time you've read Mansfield Park?

This is my first absolute determined time to finish Mansfield Park. I have started it numerous times and have failed miserably to finish.

3. How many other Austen books have you read?

I've read all but Mansfield Park, which I'm reading now and determined to finish, and her unfinished book Sandition.

4. Will you read more of them/reread them?

I will reread all of them. My favorite is Persuasion, but I enjoy all of them.

5. Do you or will you read Austen adaptations?

I have done so in the past. I really enjoy paranormal retellings, etc of Austen. I like the modern-day retellings a bit better. They seem to be able to capture the essence of Austen while telling a new story better than retellings of Jane's or Darcy's perspectives, etc.

I still need to finish the first part of Mansfield Park so I can join in on the rest of the discussion questions. Check out Book Rat for links to others' posts, questions, and discussions!


  1. It took me several readings of Mansfield Park before I could like it.

  2. I had started Mansfield Park 3 times before I finished! Persuasion is also my favorite Jane Austen novel though.

  3. I can't pick my favorite from Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice, it fluctuates!

    I've just finished the first 18 chapters of Mansfield Park for the first set of discussion questions. I find it pretty easy to read, but the story isn't that interesting yet.

  4. I loved Persuasion. I'm still on the fence of whether I liked that or P&P better. I think I'm influenced by all the great movie adaptation of P&P that are out there and they make me like the book more.


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