Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Movie Meme-Mind Games

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 This week's movie topic is all about Mind Games...

We all have forgettable moments. When we do something embarrassing or stupid that we hope no one noticed or will quickly forget. The movies love to make their characters forget. Memory loss. Hypnosis. Spells. It makes for interesting plot possibilities and entertainment for the viewers.

I'm back for more movie fun with The Bumbles Blog and Molly!!! Yeah, I've been missing this meme a lot so I've decided to at least do this meme and may add one or two more...

1. Inception (2010): I chose this one because this one definitely did a mind job on me...but half the time you don't know whose mind or dream you're in or whether the main character is just plain loony!

2. The Net (1995): This one is all about how our lives can be completely controlled as long as we're on the we can literally be forgotten on a whim. Sandra Bullock's mother also has Alzheimer's and doesn't remember who she is. This was right when the Internet was starting to really take off.

3. The Dollhouse (2009) (TV): OK, so technically not a movie...but Eliza Dukshu's brain keeps getting wiped clean every episode so she doesn't remember a thing. A really great and creepy show.



  1. Oh I loved the net--such a creepy thing to have happen to a person.

  2. Argh--there's a movie I really liked where a guy's memory was wiped out and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. This is going to bug me all night!

  3. Lisa's comment is making me laugh! She should make the rounds from everyone else today and I'm sure she'll find the title.

    I suppose I should see Inception - the previews held no interest for me - but everyone who has seen it just raves...

  4. Wondering if Lisa is talking about Paycheck... Ben Afleck the programmer then they will erase his memory about it....???

    Anyway, I like The Net too! Thanks for visiting my entry!

  5. I only have seen the Net and I really liked that one. Very good. :)

  6. Loved Inception and liked The Net. I never saw Dollhouse, but heard great things about it.


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