Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Jane Eyre Movie

It looks like we are to have another movie adaptation of Jane Eyre! I must admit I'm pretty excited. Each adaptation has its own unique take on my favorite classic novel. Well, I haven't seen every single adaptation there is...that would take awhile. Just look on IMDB and you'll see what I mean. But of the ones I have seen, the only one that I didn't like was the 1970 TV version with George C. Scott. I just couldn't buy George as my Mr. Rochester...ick.

The latest film opens March 11! First, here is the movie poster...

What do you think? I like it....though, the only thing I'd say against it is the shadow of Rochester is kind of weird...but overall, I think it establishes the mood of the story.

Now the trailer....

How about the trailer? It makes me really excited to see the film!!!  I can't wait. It looks dark and mysterious...granted they probably threw in all the Gothic elements to sell the movie in the trailer... I say that because one of the big points of the book was the triumph of love. Also, Dame Judi Dench is in there! I love her. Focus Pictures also did the last Pride and Prejudice adaptation which is my favorite! So it has all the elements to be an amazing movie and adaptation! Here's to hoping!

Mia Wasikowska as Jane
Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester


  1. I'm sooo excited for this! I think it's only opening in selected cities so I probably won't get to see it! :-(

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. This looks really, really good. I haven't read Jane Eyre since I was, like 13, and all I remember is being tremendously bored; now, though, I think I might have been too young to fully appreciate it. Keeping this amazing trailer in mind, I think I'll have to give it another go.

  3. I am very much looking forward to this movie! My friend and I have already decided to see it as soon as it comes out. Only a month away :)

  4. I'm looking forward to it. I like the music in the trailer - it has this kind of haunted, mysterious feeling that fits the book very well.

  5. i'm soooo looking forward to this updated version. from the trailer it starts of spooky-like. and i like the peek into jane's childhood.

  6. Looks fantastic--and so good to see Judi Dench as the housekeeper. Definitely will see this one!

  7. OMG. This looks so good. And Michael Fassbender looks pretty! ;) I cannot wait to watch this.

  8. Love your new background!
    Jane Eyre is my favorite book. I heard there was a new movie coming -- LOVE this Mr. Rochester ;p (drool)

    (Kim Bee here--I'm following under only one new blog now. Had to trim down. 6 other writers are joining me under alias names/identities--see the sidebar. Should mean more books, too. Hope you'll join us.)

  9. The Jane Eyre 2006 DVD is my favorite adaptation. Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens was spectacular in that version. It would be hard topping that but I'm looking forward to watching the 2011 film nonetheless. :)


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