Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pemberley Ball 2010

Velvet over at vvb32 reads is hosting her second annual Pemberley Ball! Yeah! This is a great excuse to get me to come out of my partial blogging hiatus for a weekend of blogging fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my attendance last year and even won a prize! Check out this link for a way to RSVP and enter her Darcy-licious surprise giveaway (it's open til November 20th).

I am Lady Godiva and will be arriving with clothing and not on a horse. I recall quite the zombie antics last year and am looking forward to more such undead antics, as well as lots of wine.

Lady Godiva
I also am looking forward to any young Darcys! Let the dance begin!

Favorite Darcy image:

Matthew MacFadyen from 2005 Pride and Prejudice


  1. My dear,
    I am so glad you are in attendance again!
    Let's dance...
    Lady Vee

  2. I love your dress, Lady Godiva. See you at the ball!

  3. Your dress is lovely and your name is awesome!

    Araminta Lovelace,
    from the Pemberley Ball

  4. Dear Lady Godiva, Very nice to make your acquaintance at the Pemberley Ball. I do hope to continue our acquaintance in the future.

    Miss Calliope Cathwood
    aka Jennifer Becton, author of Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

  5. Dear Lady Godiva,

    It was lovely to meet you at the ball. Your dress was magnificent and your chocolate divine.

    Look forward to seeing you again next year.


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