Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zombie Challenge: Haiku

For my second post for the Zombie Challenge I decided to do Haiku poetry zombie style! Granted, I haven't written Haiku since I was in elementary school, which was eons ago. So these are a bit bear with me!

Zombies awake!
Let us go up, for fresh brains
and earth await!

Am I a zombie?
See my soul within! Awake!
And be a zombie no more.

I don't even know if these would technically qualify, but oh well, I gave it a go!


  1. Those were nice! I read this really funny one on a message board once, I can't remember the first two lines, but it was about eating chili pepper sauce, and the last line was, "Anus burns like sun." XD

  2. Your haiku is awesome! I wish I were that talented!

  3. oh yeah, me like 'em zombie haiku. isn't funny how we all did it in elementary school? like riding a bike, it's easy to get into when inspired. ;-D


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